Key features include…

Auto Priority

Auto Priority

The best to-do list is one that organizes itself! eisedo prioritises your tasks into
groups based on the Eisenhower Matrix principle of urgency and importance,
so you can focus your time on the most important tasks.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks

Managing your daily tasks is simple with eisedo. Schedule a task to repeat
and it will automatically reset for the next due date and
prioritized using the Eisenhower Matrix.

Task Reminders

Task Reminders

eisedo is a great reminder app. Get task reminders on your phone,
via email, and on your desktop. Where ever you are you’ll never miss
a deadline with eisedo to-do list reminders.

Delegate tasks

Delegate Tasks

Assigning tasks to others is a doddle with eisedo. Easily delegate tasks
to your colleagues, classmates and friends with a touch of a button.



eisedo is the ultimate task management tool. With eisedo Projects*
you can group tasks for home, travel or work. By arranging tasks
into folders you can tackle larger projects with ease.



When you only need a simple list maker, eisedo Checklists* is perfect for
managing those basic to-do list items. Easily plan a business trip,
holiday or your weekly shop with Checklists.

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*Projects and Checklists are Premium features that require a subscription.

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Why choose eisedo?

eisedo prioritizes your to-do list
and helps you to achieve your goals

We use the Eisenhower method of time management to prioritize your tasks based on their importance and urgency.

But we don’t just give you an Eisenhower Matrix template. We actually prioritize your tasks for you. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and when, so you can focus your time and energy on achieving your goals.

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The Eisenhower Matrix

eisedo is task management tool based on the time management method created and used by Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States.

The Eisenhower principle evaluates tasks based on two criteria: importance and urgency.


Do first

Important / Urgent

Important tasks that require
immediate attention.

Do later

Important / Not urgent

Important tasks that don’t
require immediate attention.


Not Important / Urgent

Tasks that are not important
But require immediate action.


Not Important / Not urgent

Tasks that are neither
Important nor urgent.
  • Do First

    Tasks in the first quadrant are those that are instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. They’re too important to delegate and too urgent to ignore until later. Focus on completing these tasks first.

  • Do Later

    The second quadrant is for tasks that you can Do later. These tasks are important but are less urgent. You can move onto these once you’ve completed the tasks in Do first.

  • Delegate

    Your Delegate quadrant is for tasks that are less important but still require urgent attention. If you have tasks in this quadrant, use the delegate feature to assign them out.

  • Eliminate

    The fourth and final quadrant is Eliminate. These tasks don’t contribute to your goals, and they are not urgent. Eliminating these tasks will help you free up more time for what really matters.

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